Page documentation made for Vega 3.2.3

Vega is shutting down fully on August 14th 2020, please read the announcements channel in the support server for details.

You should check out Bender as a good alternative.

What is this site?

This is the documentation for Vega - a configurable, multi-functional bot with lots of useful commands and features. It has unique features, custom permissions, fun commands, and lots of information at your disposal! You can use this site to get even more in-depth information for each command Vega has, if you still don't understand, feel free to ask in the support server.

Here you can find a list of all the commands, and a full detailed explanation of what they do. You can also find things such as Vega's change-log here.

If you don't want to navigate this site, you can use $help command and get basic help plus a link to the command on this site.

If you want to support Vega, you can upvote it here or consider buying Vega Pro