Changelogs for Vega 3.0 and onwards

Vega is shutting down fully on August 14th 2020, please read the announcements channel in the support server for details.

You should check out Bender as a good alternative.

Vega 3.2.3

Bug fixes, minor improvements, server security changes and updates to discord.js Some of these changes were already applied to Vega, I will be doing this in the future so you do not need to pointlessly wait for new features and bug fixes, they will only be held back if they are potentially too buggy.

  • Updated to lavalink v3 see #announcements here:

  • Fixed mention support for using Vega (Eg @Vega#9020 ping) - Useful if you forget your set prefix

  • Fixed some visual bugs with $config

  • Fixed many issues with welcome for new guilds, thanks to @UncleBeruang#8787 for reporting them!

  • Fixed issue caused by the new "disconnect" discord feature with music.

  • Fixed some things saying they are not set with the $config command

  • Fixed the $chucknorris command sometimes showing " thanks to @With Mask | ດຽວ#1337 for reporting

  • Disabled roleme in a DM as it was enabled for some reason.

  • Using $stop no longer requires you to be in the voice channel.

  • $help in a DM no longer responds with "I've sent you that in a DM" message thanks to @JONBEAR#0001

  • Added a link about pro if you don't have it in the $pro command.

  • Lavalink (music) and Rethinkdb (database) have been secured even further so that in future I am able to open ports on the server. Just to clarify; this was never a security issue but it allows me to do more when Vega gets migrated to one big server with all my other stuff.

  • Updated to discord.js v11.5.0

  • Added more easter eggs

Vega 3.2.2

Renamed to Vega and a few new features such as image generation commands. If you find any places in the bot where Seven is still referenced (other than it being specified as the old name), please post them in the #bugs channel.

New features & changes

  • Many commands edited to changed the name from Seven -> Vega

  • $minecraft command to get information about a minecraft user, such as what they look like, their previous names and their UUID.

  • $upvote command to show you where to upvote.

  • $mockingspongebob to generate an image of spongebob mocking something.

  • $changemymind generate a change my mind meme image.

  • Added Discord logo and Reddit Logo to $discordstatus and $redditstatus

  • $pro has been rewritten

  • $meme has been rewritten to pick some well rated memes from reddit (rather than the trash it used to post)


  • Fixed incorrect help details for some commands.

  • Fixed an error when you try to add something to notepad without using the "add" word, and various other issues with notepad (a chunk was rewritten) Thanks to @With Mask#1000 for find some issues.

  • Fixed a visual bug when you don't have permission to use $roleme and try to add a role. Thanks to @With Mask#1000 for finding this.

  • A few fixes to some utility commands (only for the bot owner/bot admins)

  • Fixed $help not saying if it can't send you a DM.

  • Fixed random quotation on automatic unmute.

  • Fixed $redditstatus sometimes showing that there was an outage when there wasn't.

  • Fixed an issue with message edits sometimes allowed you to post invites.


  • Removed embed command as it could be used for abuse and is not very good, if you want to make a good looking embed use (Embed generator by @Merlintor#6111)

  • Reworded "No current issues" to "No current outage" for the redditstatus and discordstatus commands (Thanks to @PandaDriver#1584 for this)

  • Removed edit support as it was unreliable, buggy and not very well executed, it may return in the future.

  • Removed $log command, it was rarely used.

Seven 3.2.1

Very minor fixes and changes.

New features & changes

  • Added $unpinall for pro users, which will unpin all the messages in the channel you run it in

  • Seven will now check if it can post in a welcome channel before it is set, this will prevent welcome messages randomly not working

  • Seven will no longer DM you if it can't respond, the command won't execute at all anymore, it will attempt to react to the message if it can

  • Minor improvements to $purge such as correcting some wording depending on the messages purged.


  • Fixed some minor issues reported by sentry

  • Fixed some issues with sentry logging

  • Fixed an issue where some users may not have been removed every hour from automod action lists

  • Fixed Seven not changing back to "online" from "do not disturb" after a discord outage

  • Fixed a few backend logs that should have been removed after beta

  • Fixed $avatar sometimes erroring

  • Fixed $config autorole message

  • Fixed errors with automod actions

  • Fixed confirmations being cancelled by any other message than the authors one. (For example $perms reset)

  • Fixed purge emote being outdated.

Seven 3.2.0

A bunch of cool and useful new features, and Seven now has a new time system for things such as $mute and $remind. This update has a lot of big commands, which is why it looks like it's much smaller than others but trust me, there is a lot more than it looks!

Big new features

  • mute, $unmute and $mutelist - You are now able to mute people for up to a year through Seven. All your mutes are saved in a database for your server.

  • $news [search] command to fetch news for almost any topic, or just get a random popular headline by just running $news

  • Added $remind, where you will be DM'd with a reminder that you set. This will work even after the bot reboots, and all your reminders are saved in a database, you can create, delete and list reminders.

  • Added $apod which gets the Astronomy picture of the day from NASA. This gets updated each day, so keep checking back for something cool! If the server owner has Seven Pro, administrators can set a channel where the photo gets posted automatically each day with $apod channel #channel (Thanks to @Hyper#0094 for the auto posting idea)

  • Added $translate to translate messages, text to different languages easily! See some examples here:

  • Added $roleme so people with enough permissions can add roles with $roleme add [role name] for anyone to join with $roleme [name]

  • Added $minesweeper to play a randomly generated game of minesweeper, because who doesn't love minesweeper?

Other new features

  • Added mass mention protection to $automod and actions so you can choose what happens to people depending how many times they offend. Other new features

  • Added $ifttt so you can trigger things on ifttt through Seven. So if you really want seven to turn your lights on, you now can.

  • Added $redditstatus and $discordstatus commands, to tell you the status, the last outage and the exact issue if any are reported for discord/reddit on their status pages.

  • Added $lmgtfy (Let me Google that for you)

  • Added an autorole feature under $config autorole to give users a role when they join your server. - Lyrics will be automatically added for pro users to the $play response. See an example here:

  • Added $dog, $cat, $panda, $fox command to get random images of dogs, cats, pandas or foxes. :dog: :cat: :panda_face: :fox:

  • $chucknorris Yes.

  • Added serverinfo for other servers by their id, however there isn't much data to display as I can't fetch much.

Small Changes

  • A bunch of new emojis - Updated pro command details.

  • The data command has been changed to only be usable by me. - When setting logs, you no longer have to #mention the channel, you can set it by the name.

  • Set urbandictionary to nsfw channels only, due to nsfw definitions. This is why the command was disabled for a while.

  • Added ⭐ Seven Pro to $uinfo if the user has Pro!

  • Sentry has been enabled in some areas of Seven, but not everywhere. Typical command errors will not be logged, it's only been enabled in places where nobody would usually be notified (such as events). This has been done to detect issues that I may never actually know about.

  • Minor changes to the error system, to help me diagnose problems.

  • Minor changes to $help (mostly just tidying up things)

  • Added blacklist command for the annoying people, only usable by me

  • Redesigned error message

  • Added a link to the original message for edit logs:

  • Fixed content being blank for deleted message logs if it was an image deleted.

  • Removed antiselfbot feature as it wasn't very good

  • Added docs link to $help

  • The welcome command has been rewritten, welcome will still continue to work and this should not effect you, will but fix some issues.

  • The automod command has been rewritten too, this should also not effect you.


  • Fixed ram usage percentage for $info and $status

  • Fixes to pro command sometimes sending double messages.

  • Fixed bugs to client command (which only I can use anyway)

  • Fixed audit log for unban command

  • Fixed normal log for unban command

  • I'm testing improvements for music, by fetching it from a new location to hopefully reduce/totally get rid of any "buffering" issues

Seven 3.1.1

Seven 3.1.1 Mostly just fixes and a few new cool commands and features, Seven also now integrates with the new docs.

New features

  • The docs have been integrated with Seven, when you use help you will also get a link that takes you to the correct command on

  • $binary command, converts text to binary because I felt like being a nerd.

  • $urbandictionary command, search urban dictionary for a definition.

  • Added the process memory, and last restart time and date to $status

  • Added $memory command, to tell you how much memory Sevens entire server is using. This is fully built by me and does not rely on the OS module anymore, which returned incorrect values.

  • Seven is finally useable in DMS! I forgot to integrate this ages ago but it's here now. You can use commands with the prefix or without a prefix at all just by DM'ing seven.

  • Hidden commands that can only be used by me from $help

  • Added "choose" command so that seven can pick something for you.

  • Added unban command

  • Added permissions and aliases to $help


  • $welcome channel none now works, so you can actually disable welcome now.

  • Fixes to perms, where sometimes the casing of the permission seemed to matter.

  • Fixed a bug I won't disclose.

  • Fixes to notepad, as it's a beta command I won't list the fixes.

  • Fixed status command showing weird uptimes for process and system uptime.

  • Fixed echo causing an error if the user has a nickname that is 1 character (Thanks @L󐀀#1307 for finding this a long time ago)

  • Fixed case of parts of $help

  • Fixes to $notepad (Beta command)

  • Fixed info/uinfo/warn not responding if it can't find the user by ID.


  • I tidied up the database a bit, however this will only affect new servers.

  • Lavalink was updated, but an entire lavalink upgrade will need to be done in the next version/very soon.

  • URL changes for dead links.

  • Zero width spaces are automatically added between @​here and @​everyone when using $echo

  • Removed $disconnect and $connect, as they were depreciated in the last version. These are now aliases of $play and $stop.

  • Removed $id, you can just get a users id with the $uinfo command

Seven 3.1.0

Released 10/12/18

Seven 3.1 has been in progress for months, here it is! There may be things missing from the change-log as I lost track of it. Go to #commands and do $help to see it's update!

Main changes

  • Seven Pro has been released, if you want to support Seven and get some neat commands run the $pro command

  • Automod was added, with antiselfbot features which will automatically ban people with invites in their usernames on join, noinvite which will delete invites and do whatever you like to the user, and nomassmention which will automatically ban anyone who mentions more than 5 people, you need to enable each of these automod features for them to work!

  • Welcome messages were added. Check out the new welcome command

  • Purge now uploads purged messages to, and you can now add reasons to a purge if you like everything well logged.

  • Echo was totally redone, it uses webhooks to make a realistic looking message of the person you want to echo, although this has been on Seven for a while now.

  • Added reasoning to purges, if you want to make your logs really clear.

  • Added antiselfbot which will automatically ban people if they have an invite link in their username, this feature may be extended in the future.

  • Added spam logs - this will log edits and deleted messages to a channel if you enable it with $config

  • Added ChatBot command, where you can now talk to an AI inside seven

  • Added $paste command to upload text to (Pro only)

  • Added a meme command to randomly get a meme

  • Added a pong command - it's the opposite of ping.

  • Ban can now ban people that are not a member of the guild.

  • Seek command for music (Pro only)

  • The filter command will remove songs that were requested by people that are no longer in the voice chat.

  • Huge improvements to purge, some visible and some performance changes.

  • $notepad - A huge beta command, you have your own personal notepad, I put a lot of work in this command and there are probably lots of bugs with it, so i'm releasing it as a beta command, let me know if you have any issues with it!

  • Youtube search command, just search youtube for up to 5 results

  • Data command so you can request all data that seven has for your server, there will be a userdata command in the future.

  • A nick command was added, so you can change your nickname or other peoples nicknames through a command.

  • A status command was added, so you can see what parts of Seven are working (and if Discord are to blame)

  • Kick and ban will now DM the user when they have been kicked or banned with the reason of their kick/ban

  • Ban will now let you ban people that are not a part of the guild as long as you ban by their ID.

  • Info will now show you some info on members who are not in the guild with you, as long as you have their ID.

Minor changes

This is the small things that have been added/removed from commands.

  • Added a upvote link to sevens info command

  • Seven has had @​everyone totally disabled, it's now impossible for Seven to ping @​everyone

  • Seven has a few new emojis for certain commands, instead of using default discord ones in some cases.

  • Ban, kick and warn commands now check if you have permission to ban them normally, if you don't you are denied with a nice meme.

  • Queue and play commands are now in nice embeds, even with the thumbnail of the video.

  • Userinfo now shows how long account an account joined/was created in days (or hours, or minutes, or milliseconds if you're in to that)

  • The layout of userinfo was changed slightly, it looks much better now.

  • The colour of the help command was changed as the old colour was pretty ugly.

  • Added automatic pausing and leaving if you leave seven playing music on it's own.

  • Seven now watches for edits, if you edit your message (if it was a command or not) it will re-run the command. This will only work if the message is less than 30 seconds old and you haven't already edited it!

  • Disconnect and connect are now depreciated and will be removed soon.

Other changes

These changes probably wont affect you, or ones you may never notice.

  • Eval now uploads it's output to

  • Updated to discord.js 11.4

  • Minor updates to node.js

  • Client command has been totally redone

  • Logging changes, makes it easier for me to understand stuff.

  • Lots of optimisation and potential memory leak fixes, the process should take even less memory now, however I can't say the same for lavalink/rethinkdb.

  • Fixed incorrect memory counter on the info command - Added a list of aliases to the help command, not sure why it wasn't already there.

  • Added more hidden memes (or did i?)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when user has a default avatar for userinfo.

  • Fixed random quote marks in user info

  • Seven said you do not have permission if you only have administrator, this has been fixed.

  • Kick will no longer error if they are not in the guild.

Seven 3.0.1

Bug fixes and minor changes. Released 29/07/18


  • User info for a user that's streaming did not have an emoji.

  • The description for avatar was not set.

  • Back-end logging was giving some undefined for new guilds, this did not affect the users only me.

  • Ban, kick, warn, avatar and id gave errors if they could not find the member, this has been fixed.

  • Random crashes due to discord API voice connections issues should now no longer cause the bot to crash.


  • Reworded response to $help.

  • Reworded remind me message, as before it seemed a bit random

  • $perms now tells you why you can't change utility and system permissions

  • Seven won't show the ugly channel format when setting a log with $config log

  • More examples were added to config help

  • Examples were added to perms, if you need help with perms, feel free to ask in the discord server.

  • Rate limiting response was changed to just a reaction

Seven 3.0

Released 21/07/2018

I wasn't happy with seven 2.0, it still needed serious work so I decided to start over one last time. 3.0 is now so much better and has so many new major features, as well as lots of cool minor features. To see what's new, do $help in #commands, or for more information, see the big change-log below! One major feature is music! I've managed to make some music features for seven with lavalink. This requires a lot of resources so I hope it's worth it. Thanks for being a part of seven, I hope you will check out 3.0! You can see full change-logs below.

Big new features

  • Seven is now configurable, you can set logging channels, a prefix, a welcome channel for new member messages and more! See for yourself with $config

  • All permissions are changeable, you can configure the permissions to every command and set them to a role or a permission if you don't like the defaults

  • Music was added! Here is a list of the new music commands: connect, disconnect, nowplaying, pause, play, queue, remove, resume, skip, stop, volume

New commands

  • The perms command lets you see and edit permissions for your guild.

  • The config command lets you configure seven in many different ways.

  • Some Music commands were added, you can see them under the big new features section.

  • The invite command was added to make it easier to add seven to your server or to join the support server.

  • The pro command was added to check if you have pro or learn about it. However, Seven Pro won't be sold until 3.1 - I am doing this to fund seven's costs

  • A remind command was added, so Seven will send you a message with the reminder you set

  • An uptime command was added and shows lots of information about Sevens uptime

  • A log command was added, so moderators of a server can create custom "cases" and have them posted in the log channel

Rebuilt and improved commands

  • Help was rebuilt, and looks a lot better

  • Kick and Ban were rebuilt and improved. It will search for a user in any format, also logs to a logging channel if one is set

  • Warn rebuilt and improved. It will search for a user in any format, also logs to a logging channel if one is set

  • Purge is highly improved and will now log to a logging channel if one is set

  • All info commands were rebuilt, you can request info on channels, members and guilds

  • Restart command was rebuilt, it now posts in seven's status and sets a restart message

  • Avatar command was rebuilt and improved to search for users in any format

  • ID command was rebuilt and improved to search for users in any format

  • Ping? Yes, that was changed. Pong!

  • Embed has now been simplified so you can send an embed with 1 message, not as pretty but it does the job

  • Coin flip? Well it has fancy animations that it didn't before

  • 8ball was fancied up

  • Bot developer commands such as eval, client, log, load, send and reload were also improved, but that only affects me.

Misc changes

  • An entirely new website is on the way, the old site wasn't great and was not easy to update. There won't be commands on the site anymore as I just don't see the point. Seven may have some how-to's on there in the future too (basically this page).

  • Finding users has now been improved. Seven will now be able to find users by a mention/user id/nickname/username.

  • The server has been tidied up and looks so much better now. The old one wasn't the best I could do so I hope you like the new server if you want anything changed or edited let me know.

  • Seven's has switched to a new server, and it's much more powerful now and shouldn't require an upgrade, and will handle lots of sudden load. You can see the specs of the server here:

Sevens server specs