All of Vega's logos for you to add to your own website.

Acceptable usage

Want to add Vega's icon to your Discord servers website? You are allowed to do that! As long as you do not impersonate Vega or claim to own these images, and add a link to galaxy-bots.club nearby (links within text is accepted), you are allowed to use these logos freely. Example of the logos being fairly used. I recommend you use the direct links rather than hosting the file yourself, as the logo changes often, these links will always be up to date.

Up to date logos

These links will update whenever Vega's logo updates, feel free to use these URLs directly.

Logo (highly compressed) (447KB)

Direct URL: https://cdn.galaxy-bots.club/logo/current/vega-highly-compressed.jpg

Logo (compressed) (3.7MB)

Direct URL: https://cdn.galaxy-bots.club/logo/current/vega-compressed.jpg

Logo (uncompressed) (8.2MB)

Direct URL: https://cdn.galaxy-bots.club/logo/current/vega.png

Logo (ico format, compressed) (362KB)

Direct URL: https://cdn.galaxy-bots.club/logo/current/vega.ico

Direct URL: https://cdn.galaxy-bots.club/logo/current/vega-banner.png