Shutdown Info

This is the same announcement that was posted in the support server.

You can read the same announcement in the support server.

I've decided to shut down GalaxyBots and Vega due to my lack of motivation to work on it over the past year. I know this seems sudden, but I've been considering it since I announced the rewrite of Vega, which I thought would get me interested again but it didn't. Instead, I will be working on things in Xenon Support (linked below) and some possible new projects with Merlin.

I want to thank everyone who used and supported Vega and the Donors (especially Merlin and Lukas!) for helping fund the project.

Those who are currently using Vega

Vega will continue to operate for 2 months from now, there are more details about the shutdown schedule below. I think this is plenty of time to migrate and find alternatives. I'm suggesting that anyone using Vega right now switches to, which is a great bot developed by Joe 🎸 and Mark. They are both working on a new version which is looking amazing so far.

If you do not want to immediately switch over to Bender, then Vega has quite a long time before it's final shutdown. You will not be able to invite Vega to any new servers after 21st of June (1 week from now) and then Vega will go offline forever on August 14th (2 months from now). This server will be available until August 16th, afterwards it will be locked/archived forever.

I will be making quite a few changes over the next hour and more over the next few weeks such as de-listing Vega from bot lists, updating the site and docs and eventually very clear notices of the shutdown. If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask, I will update this announcement if I think it's missing something.

Other Places

Chill Zone | This is my other "community" server, although it may be small it is quite active, especially if you are quite nerdy:

Xenon Support | As mentioned above, this is a server I will be working with more in the future and hoping to improve with the extra time I have:

Benders Lair | This is the support server for the bot I am recommending to replace Vega, you can check bender out more in this server too: